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Hard Copy Records are organizations' most important assets. This information is one of the most vital, strategic resources any organization possesses. Managing information is both a business priority and a legal obligation that demands the attention of all levels of an organization.

Properly organizing and maintaining records and information is key to the success of all sizes and types of businesses. The ability to identify, organize, maintain, and access needed information and properly dispose of the rest pays off in cost savings, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and reduced litigation risk.

There is no smarter way to protect your records than by storing them with Secure Record Management. 

No matter the size of your organization, we can provide both the storage space and the services that you need.

Records Intake:

We will come to your office or storage facility, pick up your initial records and input your container number into our database.

File Indexing:

At your direction we will index the contents of your box into our computerized tracking system, giving us the ability to locate any file you need, when you need it.

File Retrieval & Delivery:

Standard Delivery - Contact us before 4pm and we will deliver your requested files the next business day.

Same Day Delivery - Contact us by 11am, we will deliver your requested files by 5pm.

Guaranteed 3 hour - We guarantee that your requested files will be delivered with-in 3 hours.

Will call - Contact us and your files will be ready for pick-up in 24 hours.