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Health care facilities (medical, individual and group practices) use Secure Record Management
 to store and manage their confidential patient charts and medical records. Our file storage system
ensures that all patient information will remain confidential, secure and readily accessible when
needed. Medical record storage is HIPAA compliant. Medical facilities store patient charts, log
books, message pads, client files, financial information, payables, EOB's, and much more. We typically
reduce medical onsite file storage by 75%, and self-storage cost by 65% also lowering labor and
administration cost.

Our file-level indexing is widely used by medical facilities to accurately document any movement
of each patient record. Upon retrieval of a chart, it is given a unique bar-code number allowing us to
track the retrieval history of each file. Clients will know where their file/chart is located at all times,
no need to spend countless hours searching through boxes looking for a chart.