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Yearly, law firms create a large volume of documents. As the files expand each year, law firms are faced
with the growing cost of file storage and retrieval issues.

Secure Record Management's file storage solution will immediately lower your storage cost and create
an accurate retrieval system. We typically reduce your storage/management cost by more than 60%
and lower your labor and administrative expenses. Our legal clients store a wide variety of documents
with us, i.e. police reports, judgments, deeds, settlement statements, personal records, message pads
and more.

If your firm currently has a filing system, we can adapt our software to conform to your numbering system.
 If you do not currently have a system, we can help you create one using our management system.

Many of  our clients have us index each container, allowing your firm to call at any given time to request
a file.  With our state of the art tracking system, in seconds our software will locate the box containing
the file needed. Upon retrieval a unique bar code is placed on the file allowing us to track and re-file the
document in it's proper location.  This will eliminate time spent by your firm searching inventory reports
looking for a file or box.